I was referred to DRLC by a friend. I had questions and was unable to find answers, I was pulling my hair out. It is scary and at the same time embarrassing to even consider bankruptcy. Upon meeting with Kris and her support staff at DRLC, you will be truly impressed in their knowledge, skill, and caring they put into your bankruptcy. Until you take the step to contact them and acquire the education that they can provide you, the bill collectors will continue to hound you, the stress will continue, and you will think there is no end in sight. DRLC is the means to that end. My entire life has turned around since going through this process and I do not think there is a law firm in the State of Michigan that could handle a bankruptcy better. DRLC walks you through each and every step and is with you until you receive your [discharge]. Don’t waste any more time, call DRLC ! They will eliminate your ridiculous debt load….it is nice to have some cash in my wallet for once!” – Steve M.

“Thank you for being an awesome attorney through this whole process. I love that you’re so much fun–even in court! Thanks again.” – D.R.

“Thank you for your help. I appreciate your patience, empathy & professionalism.” – S.M.

“Earlier this year, I found myself in need of financial counseling. I chose Debt Relief Legal Clinic. [Ms. Krol] led me through the signing of all paperwork and explaining the forms as they were signed. She informed me there would be a court hearing with a Trustee prior to the debts being discharged. [She] also filed the case the same day and called me with the case number.

[Ms. Krol] met me in court for the meeting with the Trustee. Even then I was nervous and still had questions. She reassured me and took her time answering my remaining questions. [She] sat with me during the questioning by the Trustee.

I cannot thank Kristen enough for her help during this process. Her knowledge and advice were invaluable. Again, I can only say: Kristen, thanks, thanks, thank you so much.“ SKRB

“Just wanted to drop you a note. Thanks for all of your help during my bankruptcy . . . it was relatively painless.“ C.T.