Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Lansing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Have you been thinking about filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and don’t know exactly who to talk to, what to do or how to get started? Let the Lansing bankruptcy attorneys from the Debt Relief Legal Clinic help you through the bankruptcy process and guide you towards the best solution for your specific needs and situation. Individuals who reside, have a place of business or own property in the state of Michigan may file for bankruptcy in a federal court under Chapter 7. As with other bankruptcy chapters, Chapter 7 is not available to individuals who have had bankruptcy cases dismissed within the prior 180 days under specified circumstances.

Creditworthiness and the likelihood of receiving a Chapter 7 discharge are only a few of the numerous issues you must consider when determining whether or not to file bankruptcy. The importance of the effects of bankruptcy on creditworthiness is sometimes overemphasized — since by the time most debtors are ready to file for bankruptcy, their credit score is already ruined.

Do you have high debts and cannot pay them off quick enough? The knowledgeable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys at Debt Relief Legal Clinichave a combined 50 years of bankruptcy experience and have helped thousands of clients get the relief they need. Find simple answers to several frequently asked questions about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy here.

It is time to get a fresh start! We can help you with the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process for:

  • Business bankruptcy
  • Individual bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy filings

Prevent costly lawsuits and unexpected wage garnishments. Call the Lansing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys at Debt Relief Legal Clinic today at (517) 321-6804 for an initial office consultation, or contact us by email here.

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