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Debt Relief Legal Clinic of Michigan, P.C., was founded in April 1980, and its original office was at 321 E. Kalamazoo Street in Lansing, MI. Brothers Terry and Greg Smith were two of the founding attorneys. In 1978, the old Bankruptcy Act was significantly changed by Congress and included a new Chapter that allowed for repayment Plans to creditors. Prior to this time, the only alternative for consumer debtors was to liquidate their assets through Chapter 7. This new provision offered an alternative to repay creditors through a court-ordered payment Plan, which allowed Debtors to cure an arrearage on their mortgage without foreclosure, to retain a vehicle and pay the creditor the value of the vehicle with interest and to stop interest on credit cards and other unsecured debts and repay all or such part of the debt as the Debtor could reasonably afford.

At this time, attorneys who in that era practiced numerous fields of law, seldom dabbled in bankruptcy, because it involved the Federal Courts and Law rather than State Courts and because it involved an area of practice with which most attorneys were unfamiliar. The founders felt that this niche area, and the new opportunities available to Debtors through Chapter 13, offered an opportunity to provide quality legal services in a new and exciting area of practice for which a need existed.

The Clinic was moved to its location on West Saginaw Highway in 1985. Over the years, many attorneys have worked at the Clinic, with Greg Smith being the sole shareholder and attorney at the Clinic since 2000. It was moved to its current location in the west end of the building in 2015.

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