Bankruptcy Attorney Pewamo MI

Bankruptcy Attorney Pewamo MI

Filing for bankruptcy is a very personal decision. Some people find it helpful to file a bankruptcy case when they cannot pay their bills and do not anticipate having the financial ability to pay their bills in the future. Our Lansing, Michigan, Bankruptcy Law Firm will provide you with information to help you decide whether bankruptcy is right for you.

Debt Relief Legal Clinic (DRLC) has specialized in representing debtors’ rights since 1980. Our Lansing Bankruptcy Attorneys have filed thousands of consumer bankruptcy cases, including those under Chapter 13 (wage earner) and Chapter 7 (fresh-start).

Most people who think they may not qualify for bankruptcy, actually do. The changes in the bankruptcy laws only made it more time consuming to file, not impossible. Our Bankruptcy Attorneys will analyze your situation at NO CHARGE and give an opinion of what type of bankruptcy you qualify for.

, Kristen L. Krol, has 20 years of experience in analyzing and proposing solutions to individual debt problems. DRLC is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Call us to set up your FREE initial consultation at 517-321-6804.

Bankruptcy Attorney Pewamo MI

Have you been considering filing for bankruptcy in Pewamo and are looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney serving Pewamo? It is a very troubling time for most people in Pewamo or any area in Michigan when their debt gets to a high level. If you are in a situation where you owe more money than you are making on a monthly basis and your saving account is dwindling, you may need help from a proven debt relief source like the Pewamo Bankruptcy Attorneys at The Debt Relief Legal Clinic. Our Pewamo Bankruptcy Attorneys have the roadmap to your financial success and the freedom from debt. Our attorneys serving the Pewamo MI area are Kristen L. Krol and Gregory W. Smith. They have over a combined 50 years of experience and have successfully worked with hundreds of clients.

Are you borrowing more to pay existing debts? Are you ready to throw your hands in the air and give up? Whether it’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, our attorneys will help you find the roadmap to get out of debt and start fresh. At The Debt Relief Legal Clinic, all we do is debt relief law and bankruptcy. Our Pewamo attorneys focus on debt relief allows us to streamline our processes to provide you with the most effective debt relief legal representation available in Pewamo.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Pewamo MI

Have you fallen into debt so deep that it’s hard to imagine getting out? Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys at the Debt Relief Legal Cliniccan help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. The goal of Chapter 13 is to enable people in debt that are receiving an income a debt rehabilitation provided they fulfill a court-approved plan. This is in contrast to the goals of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which offers immediate and complete relief of many oppressive debts. It is a form of debt consolidation.

Under Chapter 13, the debtor proposes a plan to pay his creditors over a 3- to 5-year period. This written plan details all of the transactions (and their durations) that will occur, and repayment according to the plan must begin within thirty to forty-five days after the case has started. During this period, your creditors cannot attempt to collect on the individual’s previously incurred debt except through the bankruptcy court. In general, the individual gets to keep his property, and his creditors end up with less money than they are owed.

You may have some questions regarding filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. You can find frequently asked Chapter 13 Bankruptcy questions here. Attorneys Kristen Krol and Gregory Smith provide legal service for bankruptcy and debt relief issues to all individuals and businesses in greater Lansing and Michigan. For any other questions regarding a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, call our Bankruptcy Attorneys at Debt Relief Clinic today at (517) 321-6804 for a FREE initial office consultation, or contact us by email here.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Pewamo MI

Have you been thinking about filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and don’t know exactly who to talk to, what to do or how to get started? Let the Lansing Bankruptcy Attorneys from the Debt Relief Legal Clinic help you through the bankruptcy process and guide you towards the best solution for your specific needs and situation. Individuals who reside, have a place of business or own property in the state of Michiganmay file for bankruptcy in a federal court under Chapter 7. As with other bankruptcy chapters, Chapter 7 is not available to individuals who have had bankruptcy cases dismissed within the prior 180 days under specified circumstances.

Creditworthiness and the likelihood of receiving a Chapter 7 discharge are only a few of the numerous issues you must consider when determining whether or not to file bankruptcy. The importance of the effects of bankruptcy on creditworthiness is sometimes overemphasized — since by the time most debtors are ready to file for bankruptcy, their credit score is already ruined.

Do you have high debts and cannot pay them off quick enough? The knowledgeable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys at Debt Relief Legal Clinichave a combined 50 years of bankruptcy experience and have helped thousands of clients get the relief they need. Find simple answers to several frequently asked questions about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy here.

It is time to get a fresh start! We can help you with the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process for:

  • Business bankruptcy
  • Individual bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy filings

Do you have questions regarding bankruptcy? You can contact us here or you can find the answers below to frequently asked questions about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

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Bankruptcy Attorney Pewamo MIAttorney Kristen L. Krol

Kristen L. Krol has experience in consumer bankruptcy, civil litigation, real estate, divorce, criminal defense, and child protection. She assumed control of DRLC on January 1, 2012, and focuses her practice not only on consumer bankruptcy, but also has added consumer protection and student loan resolution.

She is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, National Association of Consumer Advocates, Federal Bar Association, State Bar of Michigan, Debtors Bar of West Michigan, and Clinton, Eaton and Ingham County Bar Associations. She also serves on the Council of the Consumer Law Section and Representative Assembly of the State Bar.


Bankruptcy Attorney Pewamo MIAttorney Gregory W. Smith (Retired)

Gregory W. Smith has extensive experience in civil litigation, real estate, business, divorce, and bankruptcy law.

Mr. Smith received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1968. His Juris Doctor degree was attained at Wayne State University in 1972.

Mr. Smith became “Of Counsel” in 2012 and officially retired in 2015, having left his practice in the capable hands of Ms. Krol.


"You will be truly impressed with the knowledge, skill, and caring they put into your bankruptcy.

My entire life has turned around since going through this process and I do not think there is a law firm in the State of Michigan that could handle a bankruptcy better."

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